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  • The program hasn’t been finally approved yet, so there still might be some changes.

  • Talk type: Talk

    AVS3, Enabling the Efficient Video Delivery for UHD Broadcasting and Streaming

    The talk includes an overview of AVS Workgroup and AVS3 video coding standard. The AVS3 key tools, the main features comparison to other state-of-art codecs and various performance test results will be presented, and the deployment of AVS3 and commercial broadcasting in China will be summarized.

    AVS3 has been added into DVB/ETSI next generation video codec toolbox standard (DVB-AVC) in July 2022. 

  • Talk type: Talk

    How We in VK Calls Measure Video Quality

    Is it possible to numerically measure video quality? Yes! And VK Calls knows how.

    The speaker will touch upon the peculiarities of video transmission during video calls and talk about the team's tools for measuring video quality, including the use of emulation of poor network conditions. He will also present examples of videos and results of their quality measurements using VK Calls methods.

  • Talk type: Talk

    Methods for Accelerating the Inference of Neural Networks In the Context of Video Analytics

    During the talk, we will dive into topical issues of neural network optimisation in real-world conditions.

    Using vehicle detection on video as an example, the speaker will demonstrate how the right choice of programming language and optimisation methods, including quantisation and the use of hardware-oriented libraries, can significantly increase the performance of neural networks, opening up new opportunities for video analytics.

  • Talk type: Talk

    Video Codec with Inter-frame Decoding and Fast Frame-by-frame Encoding

    The speaker will present a video compression method with fast frame-by-frame encoding and inter-frame decoding based on compressive sensing. This compression method is about twice as fast as JPEG and x264-intra-ultrafast with PSNR gains of 2.3 and 0.8 dB on average, respectively.

  • Talk type: Talk

    Lidar – the Main Sensor of the Vision System of Self-driving Vehicles

    The speaker will talk about the lidar, a laser scanner that sends millions of pulses per second in different directions around itself. By determining the time between the emission of the impulse and its return after reflection, the device, knowing the speed of light, determines the distance to surrounding objects. The result is so-called point clouds, from which high-resolution 3D maps are constructed. This data is used to train neural networks to build optimal trajectories for cars and robots, as well as for direct online obstacle detection. 

  • Talk type: Talk

    Media over QUIC

    The talk will cover the ongoing work in the Media over QUIC (MoQ) IETF working group. What are the purpose and ideas behind one more protocol for media transmission? The speaker will discuss related technologies like QUIC, WebTransport, WebRTC, RTP, HLS, MPEG-DASH and why this is still insufficient.

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