VideoTech 2024

VideoTech 2024

Conference on video technologies

3 days:

September 19Online

September 28–29Saint Petersburg + ONLINEAirportcity Plaza Congress Hotel: Ulitsa Startovaya, 6, litera A

  • 50+speakers
  • 40talks
  • 15partners

About conference

VideoTech is a conference for video technology enthusiasts.

Here we discuss particular technologies, from video production to distribution, as well as their application in specific projects. Participants examine the challenges of video production starting with hardware and ending with software. Encoding and decoding issues: both proprietary and free. Delivery: anywhere and however it is needed. Equipment, programs, standards, video analysis, ML, AI. Streaming and broadcasting. Everything — from the development of video technology standards and their future to solving practical business problems.

The conference is aimed at developing a professional community of engineers working in the field of video technologies. We invite to participate all those who have an R&D, engineering or applied interest in this field.

The conference is organized by JUG Ru Group.

Talk topics

  • Devices and players
  • Video streaming
  • ML/AI in video and audio
  • Audio and video codecs
  • Video quality
  • WebRTC
  • Audio
  • Content creating
  • Broadcasting
  • Digitization of reality
  • Video advertising
  • Hardware

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The first speakers and talks will be on the site soon. If you’re considering buying a ticket but have not decided yet, we suggest you take a look at our former conferences. Here you can watch talk recordings, listen to the conference podcast, or read our corporate blog.

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Conference features

  • 4K video

    So that you can see each character on the slides.

  • Support

    Our support team will reply to you very soon and will not leave you alone.

  • Discussions

    You may chat with speakers and experts right after the talk. Both online and offline.

  • Change of scene

    Offline is back. This is a chance to change the scene, listen to live talks, chat with your colleagues, and just enjoy your time at the afterparty offline.

  • TechTalks

    There is lots of technical content with a little bit of non-technical content. Our conferences will help you find your way in the industry by teaching you about trends, tools, approaches, and global language and platform updates.

  • The content selected by the experts

    The content is included in the program only after it has been checked by the Program Committee, which has experts with wide experience in video technologies.