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VideoTech 2023

Video and streaming technologies conference

Autumn 2023

About conference

Videotech is a conference about video and streaming technologies. Its mission is to connect people who work on streaming platforms, video players, content delivery and other tech projects related to video and audio on the internet. The conference is held by JUG Ru Group.

Talk topics

  • WebRTC
  • Infrastructure of video streaming
  • Audio and video codecs
  • Devices and players
  • Storage and package
  • Video quality
  • Monitoring
  • ML/AI in video and audio
  • Browser APIs
  • Content creating

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The first speakers and talks will be on the site soon. If you’re considering buying a ticket but have not decided yet, we suggest you take a look at our former conferences. Here you can watch talk recordings, listen to the conference podcast, or read our corporate blog.

  • Blog at

    We publish transcripts of talks, interviews, and authors’ articles.
  • Selected Talks

    Talks from different years caused the greatest response from the participants.
  • Materials

    Look at how past conferences have been held.

Conference features

  • 4K video

    So that you can see each character on the slides.

  • Support

    Our support team will reply to you very soon and will not leave you alone.

  • Discussions

    You may chat with speakers and experts right after the talk. Both online and offline.

  • Change of scene

    Offline is back. This is a chance to change the scene, listen to live talks, chat with your colleagues, and just enjoy your time.

  • TechTalks

    There is lots of technical content with a little bit of non-technical content. Our conferences will help you find your way in the industry by teaching you about trends, tools, approaches, and global language and platform updates.

  • The content selected by the experts

    The content is included in the program only after it has been checked by the program committee, which has experts with wide experience in video and streaming technology.