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Talk type: Partner’s talk

A Thousand and One Posters: How We Automated the Creation of Series Covers at KION

  • Talk in Russian

You'll learn how the KION streaming service uses ML to automatically create covers for TV series episodes and select candidate images for alternative movie posters.

Andrey will tell us how the CV team went from Proof of Concept to production solution by applying simple and original solutions.

We will also dive into the details of the solution and implementation of algorithms:

  • using FFmpeg for sampling static frames and cropping of letterboxing, assembling video clips from individual frames;
  • face detection and recognition;
  • text detection;
  • scoring frames by faces and photographic image quality;
  • histogram analysis in different color spaces;
  • image sharpness estimation;
  • GRIP mapping;
  • frame composition estimation, etc.

It will be interesting and informative!