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It's time to WHIP WebRTC into shape

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For many in broadcast and streaming, WebRTC is not “complete”, as it lacks a standard signaling protocol to make it work like RTMP or RTSP.

WHIP, the WebRTC HTTP Ingest Protocol, was developed to solve the biggest pain point with adopting WebRTC as a serious, professional, robust contribution protocol: Media Ingest.

WHIP enables WebRTC to retain its technical advantages over older protocols like RTMP when it comes to resiliency over bad network conditions, adaptability, end-to-end encryption, and new codec support (hello AV1 SVC).

It also removes the barrier WebRTC had with a lack of standard signaling protocol that has made it hard to support as a software solution, and difficult for hardware encoders to implement WebRTC.

Developers love WebRTC because it is an IETF & W3C standard that makes it easy to write client applications with native broadcast and playback support on billions of devices worldwide. And the WISH working group at the IETF is currently reviewing WHIP with a milestone to publish it as a standard by December 2021.

Implementing the open source WHIP library in your software or hardware encoder is all you need to support the entire WebRTC stack on the sender side.

It’s time to WHIP WebRTC into shape and take advantage of WebRTC end-to-end, as it was meant to be, natively on every device.

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