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AVS3, Enabling the Efficient Video Delivery for UHD Broadcasting and Streaming

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AVS3, published in October 2021, is the latest member of the family of video coding standards developed by Audio and Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China. It is capable of encoding video with approximately 40% bitrate savings for the same subjective quality compared to HEVC. This places AVS3 among the world’s most efficient video coding technologies.

In this talk, AVS workgroup and the AVS video coding standards family will be firstly introduced. AVS3 has two profiles and were developed from Dec 2017 to Sept 2021. The key tools of the two profiles and the main features of AVS3 and a comparison to other state-of-art codecs will be discussed. Various test results based on both reference software and open source will be presented to show AVS3 performance benefit over HEVC on HD/4K/8K test material. Finally, the deployment of AVS3 and commercial broadcasting in China will be summarized.

AVS3 has been added into DVB next generation video codec toolbox standard (DVB-AVC) in July 2022, and this standard is recently published as a new version of ETSI TS 101 154. 


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